The Top 12 Influencers of Network Threats on Twitter

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We’ve compiled a top twelve list of the industry journalists you must follow if you’re concerned about network and mobile device threats.Why? Just because we love their work and have no doubt they will be useful to you too. Also, we’ve provided each of their Klout scores, otherwise known as a number (on a scale from 1 to 100) that shows how much interaction each piece of their content receives (with 100 being the most interaction).


1. Brian Krebs


Klout score: 85

Followers: 143K

As a former security reporter, Brian Krebs writes with authority and personality. He covers the most recent developments in cybersecurity, approaching each topic with relevance. He is the first to report on breaches and actually answers questions and comments from readers. If you haven’t read up about the time when his home was swatted it’s about time to get acquainted. Scary stuff.


2.Bruce Schneier


Klout score: 82

Followers: 87K

Chief Technology Officer at IBM’s Resilient, and is one of the most important “people to listen to” in IT security. He’s written major textbooks on cryptography and is a thought leader on big-picture security policy, disseminating his wisdom through his blog Shneier on Security. Schneier Tweets about the latest big security firm happenings and what they mean for the enterprise. On occasion, he shares “fun” stuff as well.


3. Mikko Hyppönen


Klout score: 80

Followers: 134K

The Chief Research Officer of F-Secure and a well-known inventor, columnist and TED speaker. He has led efforts to defeat notorious security breaches and viruses, and is a consultant to several governments on information security. On Twitter, Hypponen is a whistleblower on IT security news that’s instantly relevant to both governments and enterprises.


4. Dan Kaminsky


Klout score: 80

Followers: 55.4K

Dan has acted as a discerning advisor for Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Avaya, MSFt and more. He’s a well-known security researcher – currently Chief Scientist of White Ops, a firm specializing in detecting malware activity in Javascript – and his blog (formerly known as DoxPara Research), is extremely popular, demonstrates his wide security knowledge.


 5. Dark Reading


Klout score: 66

Followers: 132K

A helpful online resource that delivers news and information on IT security. Aimed at security professionals, and helping find the balance between data protection and user access. If there is a new development in the world of IT security, Dark Reading will be amongst the first to report it.


6. Daniel Miessler


Klout score: 64

Followers: 36.4K

An information security professional, Daniel writes a blog covering a wide range of topics – technology, information security, creativity, philosophy, politics, business, basically any subject that he deems fit. He also creates podcasts entitled the ‘Unsupervised Learning’ series, to help his followers understand the latest threats to the industry.


7. Richard Bejtlich


Klout score: 62

Followersr: 40.1K

In charge of FireEye’s security strategy, Richard Bejtlich has over a decade’s worth of experience in the IT security expert; specialising in cybersecurity, hacking, security strategy, threats and more. His TaoSecurity blog covers digital security, strategic thought and military history.


8. Lenny Zeltser


Klout score: 62

Followers: 25.8K

Dedicated to the evolution of IT security and fighting malware, Lenny Zeltser is a business and technology leader with years of experience in the IT and security fields. If you share his aim, sign up to his ‘sporadic newsletter’ and stay up to date on the latest trends against cybercrime.


9. Wesley McGrew


Klout score: 61

Followers: 11.9K

An assistant research professor at Mississippi State University, Wesley McGrew posts about his research interests (computer science and engineering) as well as general information security news and events. Recently he has studied vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering, offensive cyber operations, digital forensics and most other topics relevant to security professionals.


10. George Hulme


Klout score: 61

Followers: 14.3K

Through his original career as a technology writer, George Hulme has become an accomplished and revered expert in IT security. Expect well-written, clear and relatable commentary about current issues in the sector.


11. Wendy Nather


Klout score: 61

Followers: 10.6K

Wendy is now the Research Director at the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center in Texas, but before this she spearheaded the division focusing on enterprise security for 451 Research. She is the go-to for many IT professionals, and in addition to her extensive expertise, she often tweets the odd joke, quote and quirky statement to lighten up your newsfeed.


12. SANS Internet Storm Center


Klout score: 57

Followers: 58.2K

A must-follow for anyone interested in IT security. This Twitter account is run by the Internet Storm Center, which is a program of the SANS Institute who is most well-known for monitoring malicious activity on the Internet. With almost daily updates, you can learn more on the latest threats and prevent them before they become a problem.


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