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Coro Acquires Network Security Startup Privatise

SASE solution includes military grade VPN, Secure RDP, ZTNA, Next Generation Firewall, and DNS Filtering
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Powerful defense for your users, devices, email, cloud apps, and data.

All-in-one security with 1-click resolve™ that protects your entire business

We secure your devices

Coro is the central control point for sensitive data, practice data, and user activity, enabling you to enforce a wide range of security, compliance and governance policies.

We protect your email

We scan every email for phishing, malware, ransomware and automatically eliminate threats.

We keep your cloud apps safe

Use, Dropbox, Box, and more without worry!

We keep your users safe

We automatically identify and block insider threats, accounts hacking, and malicious activities.

We identify regulatory violations

We scan every file and email, or any data share for PII/PCI/PHI, and prevent confidential information leakage.

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Is Coro GDPR-, HIPAA-, and SOC 2-certified?
Coro is GDPR-compliant and SOC 2-certified. Our customers use Coro to become GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2 compliant. Coro does not store any of your company’s data on our servers. Coro connects to your cloud applications via API and scans your environment to protect it.
How can your company protect customers from such a wide range of attacks?
Coro has built a proprietary AI engine and a unified platform that efficiently scans and protects the entire business at once: the data, users, emails, endpoints and cloud apps. Rather than combining siloed solutions, Coro was built to protect the whole enterprise from its beginning.
Which SaaS platforms does Coro protect?
We are protecting the most common Cloud SaaS applications that the world is using to collaborate and store critical business information in, such as Microsoft Office365, G-Suite, Dropbox, Box, and Salesforce. We are adding more and more services as they become popular.
What are the main benefits of your ‘All in One’ service?
Coro takes the most important elements of security and provides them as a single, pre-integrated service, with a modern AI engine, with better protection, saves you from complex installation, integration and operation of multiple products and significantly lower TCO (total cost of ownership).
When did Coro launch and how many customers do you have?
Coro has powered security for growing companies since 2015. Coro protects over 15 million users and over 5,000 businesses worldwide.
How much time does Coro take to implement?
It takes minutes to be up and running. Coro is delivered as a SaaS and already pre-integrated
into the popular cloud applications, and supports most of the endpoints and devices.
Do I need to install hardware or an appliance for Coro to work?
Coro doesn’t require any hardware to protect your company.
Can I get more support in installing Coro?
Coro is so simple to install it takes just a few clicks. In case you still have any questions, please reach out to us. Select the best time to contact you by clicking here and choose the option: Installation Support, and one of our technical experts will help you.

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