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Using Office 365, G-Suite, Dropbox or other cloud applications? We monitor your cloud applications for data leaks, cyber-threats and regulatory violations that put your business at risk.

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Why you need data breach protection.

Cloud applications are not protected against data leaks

Hacker’s using stolen passwords to access your data, or an employee mistakenly sharing customers’ information – you are liable for data leakage.

Current security can’t block regulatory violations

Privacy regulations, GDPR, HIPPA, PCI, PII and cyber insurance policies require you to identify and protect (PII/PCI/PHI). Don’t risk regulatory fines. Stay compliant with Coronet.

Antivirus can’t stop Ransomware or Malware in cloud applications

Employees using their own devices to access cloud applications can introduce malware or ransomware that will corrupt your business data.

58% of cyber attacks target small business.

Nearly 60% of small businesses that got breached went out of business.

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How Coronet protects your business.

  • We monitor your business security 24/7

    We look for suspicious activities and threats in your cloud applications and alert you by email.

  • We block data leakage

    We identify and stop sensitive information leakage (like PII/PCI/PHI) in your cloud applications.

  • We stop malware/ransomware

    We scan your files in the cloud for malware and ransomware, and prevent them from spreading

  • We block suspicious activities

    We monitor, identify & block suspicious or abnormal activity

  • We verify that employees devices are secured

    We monitor the security of your employees' smartphones, laptops and desktops, ensuring they do not risk your data

24/7 monitoring of your cloud applications for data leaks, cyber threats and regulatory violations
Join free for 30 days

Immediate protection. No credit card required.

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