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Email Security

Secure the most common attack vector with a modern email security solution. Leverage AI automation to instantly handle 80%+ of email security threats and take action with the Coro 1-Click-Resolve™ feature when an administrator is needed.

The first email security solution built for lean IT teams

Legacy email security products are entirely built for the enterprise market, which leaves lean IT teams at a disadvantage. Most SMBs don’t have the time or budget to manage these solutions. Coro has revolutionized email security by providing an all-in-one solution that lets you own a simple yet sophisticated, affordable email security solution.

Simple to configure and deploy

The power of the Coro email security solution is its simplicity. With our easy setup process and intuitive dashboard, lean IT teams can enjoy cybersecurity that works for them.

Save time with automation

Our email security was built on AI automation and machine learning. The Coro email solution automatically handles 80%+ of all tasks/tickets generated within our email software.


We created affordable cybersecurity for SMBs. Reduce the burden of expensive labor to manage cybersecurity and stop overpaying for enterprise features.

So easy to use, now anyone can manage cybersecurity

Coro's mission is to empower the overworked IT director or the small business owner with limited cybersecurity knowledge. You can monitor and control our cloud-based system from a single dashboard with robust yet simple features.

AI automation

Cybersecurity doesn't need to be difficult or time consuming. We designed Coro’s email security to leverage AI automation and machine learning and handle incoming threats for you.


Coro has made remediation and closing tickets simple with our 1-Click-Resolve™ feature. Save time, money. Solve your problems with just a click.

Feature-rich email security

Coro is a unified solution

Our goal was to shatter the established model for cybersecurity that’s offered to SMBs. Instead of the legacy method of buying layered security a-la-cart, all costly on their own, Coro has released an all-in-one product that protects all aspects of clients’ digital environment that is affordable and simple to operate.

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What is email security?
Email security is the practice of setting up detection & response systems to catch malware, ransomware, social engineering, and much more. To set up proper email security, companies rely on software that will automatically complete these tasks for them.
What are examples of email security threats?
Phishing attacks are a great example of email security threats. A bad actor will send an email to an employee that looks real requesting sensitive information such as "what is the credit card number used for invoice#123". The email looks and feels real to the accountant who is just trying to help with the normal flow of business, but it is actually an attacker attempting to compromise credit card information.
How do you ensure proper security of email?
The best way to have proper email security is to utilize email security software that IT admins have the knowledge to use and ability to manage. Ideally, having other layered cybersecurity is recommended because even though having email security is great, it won't catch everything.
What are email security best practices?
Outside of having some sort of software to automatically scan the inbox for threats, training employees on the dangers of email attacks and how to spot them is the best thing you can do to boost your company's email security posture.
Are email security solutions expensive?
Most email security solutions are built for the enterprise client. For small businesses that might mean that those solutions are unaffordable. Fortunately there is momentum in the cybersecurity world for products being developed for the SMB client. The goal is to provide affordable email security that is manageable for the lean IT team.
What happens if my email security misses threats?
If your email security software misses a threat it could affect the rest of your infrastructure if you don't have other forms of layered cybersecurity. Having cloud app protection, DLP, and endpoint protection are great strategies that are designed to catch what might be missed from an email security solution.

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