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Coro Named one of Top 5 Security Solutions for the SME Market

May 24, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been recognized as a finalist for Best SME Security Solution in the 2023 SC Awards. The SC Awards are cybersecurity's most prestigious and competitive program. Finalists are recognized for outstanding solutions, organizations, and people driving innovation and success in information security.   

“We’re thrilled that Coro’s modern approach to cybersecurity is recognized alongside industry giants offering a more traditional, multi-tooled approach to the market,” said Guy Moskowitz, our CEO and co-founder. “Coro is redefining how best to serve the hundreds of thousands of SMEs who are prime targets for cyberattacks.  Our all-in-one platform delivers enterprise-grade security that unifies, simplifies, and automates workloads, yet is cost-effective and easy to use.” 

SMEs can suffer severe consequences from data breaches and ransomware attacks, including damage to their reputation, violations of compliance regulations, and hefty fines. Instead of dealing with individual security threats or capabilities, Coro's SaaS platform offers a comprehensive solution that safeguards all aspects of a company's operations, including users, devices, email, cloud applications, and data. By leveraging AI technology, Coro's platform automatically identifies and resolves threats, relieving IT teams of 95% of the security workload. Importantly, Coro also ensures that SMEs fulfill governmental, industry, and supply chain compliance requirements, preventing expensive penalties and the potential loss of customers and revenue. 

Our recognition as an SC Award Finalist is a testament to Coro’s growth and momentum. We secured a remarkable $75 million in funding from Energy Insight Partners (EIP) in April, bringing our total funding raised over the past year to an impressive $155 million. But the numbers don't stop there.  

We've experienced exponential growth in all aspects of our business. We’ve tripled our revenue, expanded our customer and employee base, and welcomed over 100 new channel partners. Our dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as industry users continue to flatter us with top reviews. G2, a trusted authority in cybersecurity, has recognized Coro's achievements by ranking us in their prestigious lists of the 2023 Top 50 Best Cybersecurity Products and 2023 Top 100 Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Products. Looking to the future, Coro has set our sights high. We project a 300% year-over-year growth in 2023, which would extend our extraordinary growth streak for a fifth consecutive year. The future looks promising for Coro as we continue to make waves in the cybersecurity landscape. 

About Coro Cybersecurity

Coro is one of the fastest growing security solutions for the mid-market, providing cloud based cybersecurity in a box that empowers organizations to defend against malware, ransomware, phishing, and bots across devices, users, and cloud applications. More than 5,000 businesses depend on Coro for holistic security protection, unrivaled ease of use, and unmatched affordability.

Built on the principle of non-disruptive security, the Coro platform employs innovative AI technology to identify and remediate the many security threats that today’s distributed businesses face, without IT teams having to worry, investigate, or fix issues themselves.

Investors in Coro include Balderton Capital, JVP, MizMaa Ventures, and Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures.

For more information, please visit Coro at, or via LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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