Phishing scam alert 

Josh KlascoBlog

We have identified a phishing scam that’s circulating globally. Below is the format of the phishing email. Delete this email and block the sender, if you receive this message.  


Subject: You missed a call on 04/20/2023 | Transcription Available 

Coro’s analysis

The sender uses the display name: “[COMPANY NAME] Missed-Call Notification | notify | [USERNAME]@[COMPANY NAME].com ([email protected])” 

The message itself includes a fake secure message / voicemail email. 

We have seen a common attachment that just contains random numbers and letters. 

Remediation: Delete this email and block the sender’s email address, if you see it pop up in your console: 

  1. Open the Coro console 
  1. Go to the Actions menu  
  1. Select the “Delete this email”  
  1. Select the “Add sender to blocklist”  

For further information or questions, contact your Customer Success Manager.