The VPN Mentor Blog Interviews Dror Liwer to Learn How to Use Any Wifi or Cellular Network Safely

Posted: May 30, 2017 / Author: Keren
Dror Liwer, the co-founder and Chief Security Officer of Coronet was interviewed by Jackie Goldstein for the VPN Mentor blog. Liwer talked about the less familiar security risks of wireless and cellular connections and the future faced by startups today.

When asked about the future of computer security Liwer sees a completely different world than the one we have today. “I believe that security is done completely wrong today, because it is based on restrictions instead of enablement. Companies think that if they send out a security memo their employees will comply. But that is just not the reality of how employees choose to work today. In the average enterprise company, there are 600 cloud services that are used by employees – without the IT department being involved! The approach has to be smarter – and only restrict users when there is a real risk.”

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