Coronet announced as Security winner in The Tech Trailblazers Awards

Posted: February 18, 2016 / Author: Dror Liwer

The scores are in: the Tech Trailblazers announce top enterprise technology startups set to blaze a trail for the year ahead

London, UK – 16th February 2016 – The Tech Trailblazers Awards, the pioneering annual awards program for enterprise information technology startups, has announced its fourth edition winners who have proved their top-class concepts to an esteemed judging panel and the voting public.

The Tech Trailblazers Awards have welcomed a diverse mix of startups into the competition, with high quality submissions in such areas of Big Data, Cloud, FinTech, IoT, Networking, Mobile, Security, Storage and Virtualization. As the awards are designed to recognize innovation in both early stage and established technology startups, outstanding companies from the BRICS region and those at early stage pre-funding level have been decided for the Emerging Markets and Firestarter categories.

Rose Ross, founder of the Tech Trailblazers Awards, said “We are proud to announce the fourth edition Tech Trailblazers, who have been predicted by the judges and the public to blaze a trail in their area of expertise during 2016. We’re delighted to welcome these new alumni to the Tech Trailblazers leaderboard, and wish them the great successes they deserve for the year ahead. We would also like to thank all entrants for their participation and our judges whose task was unenviable, in a year of superb, high quality entries.”    

The industry expert judges who formed the shortlist were invited back to invest £1 million virtual dollars in each category to define their top choices. Alongside the public vote, these final scores determined the new winners.

Tech Trailblazers Awards Fourth Edition Winners



- CoroNet, (@coronetworks),, Israel