Superb Crew Interviewed Guy Moskowitz About Coronet’s Security Solution for Cloud and SaaS-Based Infrastructures

Posted: June 30, 2017 / Author: Jason Manuel
Guy Moskowitz, CEO & Co-Founder of Coronet was interviewed by the Superb Crew and explained how Coronet enables faster adoption of SaaS and Cloud-based services while offering enterprise-level protection on all major platforms. He also talked about how Coronet aims to secure any SaaS usage and eliminate the security challenges and threats that come with wireless network connectivity. The interviewer also said that Coronet’s cloud-based security approach is inexpensive and requires no additional hardware. When asked about the problem Coronet is solving, Guy Moskowitz said that “All enterprises today rely heavily on SaaS and cloud services. It doesn’t matter if it is IT sanctioned or shadow IT, the bottom line is that you can find hundreds of SaaS and cloud-based services in every organization regardless of size.”  As for the employees’ role in these security issues he explained that “based on Coronet’s experience from working with large organizations, the 3 most popular areas in an enterprise where you can find non-managed cloud services are IT, Marketing and Sales departments. Another interesting observation is that, in most cases, the more senior a person is, the more likely he or she will use unauthorized cloud services”