Government Cloud: Hackers love Las Vegas

Posted: May 23, 2018 / Author: Keren

A new report ranked the 55 most populous urban areas in the United States based on how secure individuals are while using technology in those cities. The most secure city was Richmond, Va.; the least secure was Las Vegas, Nev.

The report from cybersecurity provider Coronet, titled “Cybersecurity in the City: Ranking America’s Most Insecure Metros,” specifically examined the cyber readiness of mid-market companies in the selected cities. A city receiving a higher score means people working for businesses there have a higher likelihood of their data being exposed, explained Coronet Chief Security Officer Dror Liwer.

Higher scores don’t necessarily mean there are issues with specific networks in these cities, but that the city is subject to greater numbers of malicious threats. “It's important to understand it's not about mistakes on the infrastructure side, it's about malicious actors,” Liwer said.

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