Lenovo Chooses Coronet to power it’s Connected Home Security offering

Posted: January 12, 2020 / Author: Dror Liwer

Coronet’s Enterprise grade security is extended to the connected home January 07, 2020 – New York – Coronet, the leader in bringing enterprise security to everyone, today announced that Lenovo, the world’s largest computer vendor, has selected Coronet’s cyber security platform to power Lenovo’s Connected Home Security offering, which will automatically detect and respond to the increasingly frequent and complex cyber risks impacting families at their home, and on the go. Continuing Coronet’s efforts to simplify cybersecurity and make it…

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Birmingham’s tech scene poised for growth in 2020

Posted: January 3, 2020 / Author: Dror Liwer

Aside from Birminghams technology scene, cybersecurity is another tech trend that will be pivotal in the new year. According to Coronet, a provider of enterprise-grade cloud security, Birmingham ranks eighth in the country as one of the most digitally insecure cities for small businesses. Gary Warner, director of research in computer science at UAB and an expert in CYBERSECURITY, said there are number of contributing factors to the city’s insecurity, namely a lack of education on the subject and a…

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Report lists Las Vegas as city most-vulnerable to cyber attacks

Posted: December 23, 2019 / Author: Dror Liwer

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — Cybersecurity firm Coronet has released a 2019 report of which cities have businesses that are vulnerable to cyber attacks, and Las Vegas has reached the top of its list for the second year in a row. “Once again, the use of public Wi-Fi in hotels, restaurants and casinos, combined with the State of Nevada’s vastly underfunded cybersecurity budget, help propel Las Vegas to the distinction as America’s most cyber insecure city,” the report said. The report was created by…

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Las Vegas Tops List of Unsafe Cybersecurity Cities

Posted: December 23, 2019 / Author: Dror Liwer

Las Vegas remains the most dangerous city when it comes to cybersecurity for small businesses, according to a report from cloud security provider Coronet. The company reached the conclusion after scanning the top 50 metro areas of the US as a follow-up to a similar report last year. To prepare the report, the company collected data over 12 months from over 93 million security events that its products logged, including malicious Wi-Fi and cellular networks, misconfigured endpoints and bot attacks. It used these…

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Report: OKC top 10 most cyber-secure city

Posted: December 18, 2019 / Author: Dror Liwer

OKC ranks Top 10 most cyber-secure city Oklahoma City is one of the most secure U.S. cities for cybersecurity risks, according to an analysis by security service provider Coronet that looked at exposure to malware, misconfigured networks and other threats. For its national study, Coronet collected and analyzed data from 1 million phones, tablets and laptops; 24 million public and private networks; plus nearly 600,000 user accounts on services like Gmail, Dropbox and Slack. In Oklahoma City alone, Coronet sampled…

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Study: Indy Businesses Vulnerable to Cybersecurity Risks

Posted: December 17, 2019 / Author: Dror Liwer

INDIANAPOLIS – A New York-based cybersecurity firm claims Indianapolis is the ninth most vulnerable city in the U.S. for small and midsize business data security, a three-spot decline from 2018.   Coronet bases its pronouncement on a year’s worth of research, analyzing network, device, cloud app and email threats in the top 50 metro areas in the U.S.   The cybersecurity company says it researched 24 million networks, 320,000 software-as-a-service (SaaS) accounts, such as Dropbox and Slack, and 270,000 Gmail accounts.  …

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This is America’s Most Cyber Insecure City

Posted: December 16, 2019 / Author: Dror Liwer

The saying in real estate “Location, Location, Location!” applies to a whole number of factors. And in today’s digital ecosystem it also includes internet speeds. But a new report from Cornet specifically looks at cybersecurity in cities across the U.S. Least Cyber Secure Cities in America 2019: According to this year’s Coronet “Cybersecurity in the City: Where Small Businesses Are Most Vulnerable to Attack” report, Las Vegas has the honor (or dishonor depending on how you look at it) for…

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The Most, Least Insecure US Cities for SMBs

Posted: December 15, 2019 / Author: Dror Liwer

  A new report looks at computer activity in the 50 largest metropolitan areas.   Does where a business is located impact its level of cybersecurity? A recent report says “absolutely.”   For its research, Coronet, which provides cybersecurity services to small and midsize businesses, analyzed more than 93 million security events across a million endpoints residing on 24 million public and private networks in the 50 largest US metropolitan regions. The company’s analysis generated a composite threat index on which…

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Report Ranks America’s Most Cyber Insecure Cities

Posted: December 12, 2019 / Author: Dror Liwer

A new report analyzes the threats and vulnerabilities to small and mid-market businesses within the country’s 50 largest cities. For the second year in a row, Las Vegas was identified as the nation’s most cyber insecure metro, followed by Houston and New York City. In addition, Salt Lake City, St. Louis and Seattle-Tacoma ranked as the least vulnerable cities to cyberattack. Cybersecurity in the City: Where Small Businesses Are Most Vulnerable to Attack, is the first report issued by Coronet since it…

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Coronet’s 2019 Threat City report on WVTM 13′ 6pm news

Posted: December 10, 2019 / Author: Dror Liwer

Coronet’s ThreatCity19 on WVTM13 6pm news: Birmingham, Alabama is ranked among the 10 top cyber insecure metros in USA, Based on Coronet’s 2019 Threat City Report.  

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