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MSP? Here are 5 ways to win and keep a client!

August 19, 2019

Here’s a shocker: 93% of SMBs said they would switch MSPs to get adequate cyber security coverage.  

Some might see this as Armageddon, but we see this as an incredible opportunity to retain your existing customers, and recruit many new ones.  

We narrowed it down to these 5 strategies: 

  1. Actively stress the importance of cybersecurity. Let current and potential clients know that cybersecurity is always top of mind, positioning company leaders as thought experts who can be trusted. Make them feel that even if they haven’t brought up the subject themselves, they are in good hands, with a service provider who covers all possible risks in advance.
  2. Offer a cybersecurity assessment service. Many SMBs don’t know where to start when it comes to protecting their business from potential cyberattacks. Providing an assessment that includes security suggestions can go a long way in cementing a partnership. These partnerships are the bread and butter of making a client stick with a service for the long run.
  3. Make it simple. Cybersecurity can be very intimidating for a small business, potentially leading to denial or procrastination in establishing a cyber plan. MSPs can ease that stress by offering an end-to-end service that outsources all of the security monitoring and remediation, providing peace of mind to their customers. A client who feels secure in the hands of his MSP is not likely to look and compare with competitors.
  4. Be transparent. Offer a weekly cyber report that will give the customer a sense of what happened during the week – what potential issues were discovered and how they were handled by technology and your team. This way the MSP is also not allowing them to forget about the threat, making sure they are aware their MSP constantly fighting for their protection.
  5. Use services that not only identify risks, but automatically mitigate them. These services will eventually make sure no data breached is being overlooked while minimizing the need for human intervention from both the end user and the MSP security specialists. Thus, enabling an MSP to have more clients without having to hire more team members for its staff, therefore raising is final ROI.

With Coronet, you can immediately deploy these strategies, at a click of a button. Coronet was designed exclusively for the SMB market, and as such, is simple, fully automatic, and very affordable. 

With 79% of SMBs planning to invest more in cyber security, MSPs have so many opportunities for new, high-margin revenue streams. Don’t let your existing customers fall into the 93%, and make sure you proactively go after those who are looking for a better cyber security solution.