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Coro busts myths for Forbes: is small business a target?

January 17, 2023

Every month, Dror Liwer (Coro's CMO and co-founder) writes a column for Forbes. Dror's column is all about busting cybersecurity myths. This month, Dror is tackling a big issue: size.

Have you ever thought that your company isn't big enough to be a cyber target? Many think their company's size keeps them off hackers' radar. But not all hackers try to take on the biggest companies they can find. Smaller companies are tasty morsels as far as hackers are concerned. Many are more than happy to squeeze what money they can out of a company of your size.

Read Dror's column to learn what this means for your company and how to stay safe.

Myth: Why would cyber criminals target me? My company is way too small to be on their radar.

Myth busted: Think you are flying under a cybercriminal’s radar because your company is too niche, your brand is unknown or your operations aren’t deemed critical? Think again.

Cash App, Microsoft, Uber, Red Cross: It’s true that the breaches that garner the most media attention tend to be from large, well-known companies. It’s also true that these companies have millions to spend on cybersecurity prevention, detection and remediation. They have the tools in place to know the second an attack happens and put all their resources into stopping it. And if that doesn’t work and a breach is successful, they typically have the means to launch an investigation and overcome any regulatory, financial or reputational fallout.

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