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Coro busts cybersecurity myths for Forbes: this month, compliance

December 12, 2022

If you're not reading Dror’s recurring column in Forbes magazine, you are missing out. Dror Liwer is Coro’s CMO and co-founder. Every month, he publishes a column for Forbes that busts cybersecurity myths. This month, Dror is busting myths about compliance. 

Here’s a sample from this month’s column: 

“‘As a small or midsize business leader, there's just no way for me to comply. It's too complicated, too expensive, too complex, too's just too much.’ 

We hear this all the time. Many SMBs see the words ‘compliance’ or ‘governance’ and tune them out, mistakenly thinking that their business is either too small to be worried about such things or too budget-strapped to implement such measures. 


Small and midsize companies don't need to worry about compliance. Government regulations are only for bigger companies that are monitored closely. It won't matter if I comply. In fact, it's impossible for a business of my size to comply.” 

Read the full article here

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