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ChannelVision Magazine: Coro's Channel Program Facilitates Cybersecurity for All 

June 15, 2023

ChannelVision Magazine recently covered Coro for an article. We are thrilled to be recognized as a leading cybersecurity option for channel partners across the market

Regardless of company size, cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for your clients to tackle. As you strive to provide your clients with fantastic cybersecurity, you will quickly learn that many companies make big promises but consistently under-deliver. As a channel partner, the last thing you want to do is provide your clients subpar cybersecurity — it makes you look bad, waste their money, and leaves them vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

Before Coro, it was difficult for the channel to sell cybersecurity to small and mid-size companies. Most of the cybersecurity industry focuses on specific domains. This means that your clients have to pay exorbitant fees if they want to hire enough security providers to protect every part of their business. For a growing company with a limited budget, this kind of spending is often unfeasible. Unfortunately, this puts many small companies in the devastating position of having to choose between budget and security. That's why Coro is such a dynamic player in the cybersecurity market. We protect cloud apps, data, devices, email, and even users, all with one single platform. Best of all, since our mission is to serve midmarket companies, we are dedicated to keeping our price affordable for everybody

A beautiful thing about Coro is that we can cater to partners who are not cybersecurity centric. Regardless of your cybersecurity knowledge, you can use Coro to stay protected. By leveraging Coro's AI-driven and autonomous platform, the MSP eliminates the requirement for a dedicated cybersecurity team. Coro takes charge of all event monitoring and remediation tasks, covering every aspect seamlessly. 

In his interview with ChannelVision Magazine, Coro co-founder, Dror Liwer, spoke about what Coro can offer to channel partners. “We’re so excited about our prospects for this year. Despite a tough couple of years for the world, financially, we continue to grow. We’re aggressive, and, with that, excited because we see the impact we have on our partners and their ability to grow. We can help them generate new revenue streams and sell a coveted solution into a market that’s in dire need. So, we’re really excited about the growth that we’re seeing in the channel and our own ability to help partners to make more money as well.” 

As Coro continues our journey, we believe that we have successfully achieved a harmonious blend of simplification and cost efficiency. It’s this equilibrium that enables our channel partners to get the most out of our product for your clients

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