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Heavy equipment dealer lightens their cyber load

November 10, 2022

Several months ago one of our Account Executives, Ren D., reached out to a Tennessee-based company, Heavy Machines LLC

At the time, Heavy Machines LLC had around 200 employees and was juggling a few different cybersecurity solutions — Microsoft and CrowdStrike. After speaking to their IT Manager, Cozy Sykes, Ren determined that this company would benefit greatly from Coro’s platform. 

After a few weeks of discussions back-and-forth, Sykes decided that Coro wasn’t right for his company but stayed on our free detection service

Then one day, our AI picked up on some suspicious activity and floated an alert to Coro’s SOC. SOC investigated the alert and found several suspicious logins from across Europe (keep in mind, this company is based in Tennessee) that Microsoft and CrowdStrike missed. 

Our SOC told Ren, and she reached out to Heavy Machines LLC once again to let them know about the suspicious logins. Heavy Machines LLC said that they were aware of these accounts, but the accounts have been disabled. Thanks to Coro’s SOC discovery, Ren was able to show the company that these disabled accounts were still logging into the company’s server. 

This was obviously the work of bad actors trying to collect the company’s data. Heavy Machines LLC was shocked to realize that deactivating an account wasn’t enough. They were even more shocked to learn that the hackers could have compromised not only the company’s data but could have also attacked several companies they work with — causing a domino effect.  

Heavy Machines LLC signed up with Coro on the spot. 

“At first, I was apprehensive. I didn’t think that [Coro] would be very useful. Then I got a chance to re-evaluate and now it’s something that I use every day. I love that I can go in and see everything that’s going on with my users.” 

— Cozy Sykes IT Manager, Heavy Machines LLC 

Since starting with Coro last October, Heavy Machines LLC uses our platform every day. Just last week they used Coro to thwart five email attacks. 

Every day, companies like Heavy Machines LLC start using Coro to put their cybersecurity concerns to rest.