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Coro CEO on selling to SMBs

January 25, 2023

At Coro, we focus our energy entirely on small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). These businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Since SMBs are so important, we've made it our mission to support them with enterprise-grade cybersecurity at a price they can afford.

In a recent article for, Coro CEO and co-founder, Guy Moskowitz, writes about what it takes to sell to SMBs.

Guy writes:

"The global SMB segment is made up of more than 400 million companies representing a $610 billion IT spend. With 75% of SMBs eager to invest in new technology, this market presents a huge opportunity for channel partners. So how can MSPs and MSSPs position themselves for success? MSPs should strongly consider adding cybersecurity offerings that are easy to manage to their IT services portfolios, and MSSPs should evaluate ways to scale their services to better meet the needs of smaller organizations."

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If you're on the IT team for an SMB, try Coro today. Our AI-driven platform requires very little human interaction, making it perfect for SMBs. It takes moments to install and lets you remediate cybersecurity threats with just a single click. 

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