The Best of Coronet 2016

Posted: December 27, 2016 / Author: Dror Liwer

We wrote them and you loved them. Here’s a recap of the posts you loved, shared, engaged, Tweeted, Liked, repurposed and gave us some feedback on the most in 2016.


1. Cybersecurity Worker Shortage & What We Should Be Doing About It
Our most popular post tackled the much discussed issue of supply and demand in the niche of cybersecurity professionals; with the demand being at an all-time high and supply falling short and not by a little - as many as one million cybersecurity positions waiting to be filled. In the meantime, with rates of cybercrime continuing to rise, companies still need to apply out-of-the-box thinking to solve their cybersecurity issues. Read the entire post here.


2. The Art of Hacking: Why Absolutely Anyone Can Be a Hacker
Hacking, is it a science or an art or a little bit of both? We have approached this topic from the artistic side, comparing hackers to street artists, using a specific example of Kyle McDonald who makes a living as both a street artist and a hacker. To find out more about Kyle's art-meets-hacking installation and how it relates to wireless network attacks, check out the original post.


3. Hackers Can Bypass HTTPS Protection on Windows, Linux, and Mac
A website's HTTPS protection should indicate that the connection between your web browser and the application you are viewing is encrypted via TLS and therefore should be secure from hackers eavesdropping on whatever you are doing on the site. Even though the HTTPS protection has never been unbreakable, now there is a new bug to worry about. Wireless network users beware and learn more about this vulnerability here.


4. Why Not Even Google Pixel Can Offer Real Protection
Like most Google products, there has been a lot of buzz around the Google Pixel phone and we decided to add to the noise. With wireless and mobile security being a key concern for enterprises in the BYOD era, we have broken down the reasons why "off-the-shelf" smartphones, including Google Pixel, can not provide safety for a corporate network and here they are.


5. Why Medical Records Are Hotter Than Credit Card Thefts
In 2015 more than 113 million medical records were compromised, making healthcare the industry with highest number of breaches. Medical records are now at a greater risk than credit cards, SSNs, and other financial data. They are extremely valuable to hackers as they combine many types of data, including the financial information needed to create things like fraudulent credit cards. Find out why hacking into medical records is easy and what can be done to prevent wireless network-related attacks on healthcare organizations here.


Needless to say, you can expect more news and views from us about the threats and protection of wireless networks in 2017.

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