The best cybersecurity threat detection happens to be free 

Josh KlascoBlog

Most IT departments are overworked, understaffed, and could use a budget increase of about 300%. When you work in IT, people expect you to be a technological toolbox. You need to understand the myriad of problems that could arise at any moment. It’s your job to diagnose the issue and fix everything. On top of everything else, it is often the job of the IT Director to single-handedly thwart cyber attacks coming in from all directions: cloud apps, endpoints, data, email, and more. IT directors don’t need more problems. That’s why Coro offers free lifetime detection.

If you’re an IT director, you’re great at learning on the fly. You can probably Google your way through any problem. If handling cyber attacks was your only job, maybe you would be able to secure your company with a great deal of success. But that’s not your only job. On an average day, you have a thousand things to worry about. At Coro, we don’t think that cybersecurity needs to be one of those things.

Sadly, many directors of lean IT teams have resigned themselves to the idea that they are going to have to navigate a cybersecurity jungle — a different solution for each domain that needs protection. It’s frustrating, it’s inefficient, and it is a massive drain on your time and budget. If this sounds like your reality, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. When it comes to cybersecurity, many lean IT teams spend all of their time and money or trying to weave a security tapestry out of their numerous cybersecurity providers. 

But those days are over. 

Coro is here to offer you cybersecurity like you’ve never seen. Our platform is a single cybersecurity solution that protects your cloud apps, data, endpoints, emails, and more. By using one product to secure your whole company, you ensure that your cybersecurity provider has a holistic understanding of it everything that goes on in your company. We have a 360° view of the cyber threat space in your company. When you use Coro, you’re eliminating your blind spots. Best of all, you can do it without paying an arm and a leg. You get holistic protection that goes beyond one specialty to protect all your major domains: email, data, cloud apps, endpoints — even the threats that come from user behavior. 

Coro is excited to offer free lifetime detection for anyone that wants it. We will let you use our product free of charge forever. Everybody has the right to know whether cyber attacks are targeting them.