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Data Loss Prevention, Security and Insurance

For any company that operates in the cloud, data loss prevention is part of the cost of doing business. Compared to the high cost of damage control, investigation, repairs, lawsuits, and fines incurred in the aftermath of a breach, the cost of security is minimal.

Data Loss Prevention with SecureCloud by Coronet

All businesses are wise to take proactive measures against data loss. Chief among those strategies are:

  • A strong data protection policy – Classify the data you have in your cloud and determine the various levels of ownership and accessibility. Remember: Policy enforcement is critical to its success.
  • Regular audits – Goes without saying. Only through regular auditing can organizations keep track of their vulnerabilities and detect imminent threats.
  • Continual threat monitoring– Guard against compromised account access, data sharing via apps or email, and ransomware.

All of the above are standard service offerings with SecureCloud by Coronet.

Data Breach Protection Service Areas

Data Breach Insurance

Data breach insurance is a wise investment for businesses seeking to minimize their financial exposure in the aftermath of a breach, including the expenses of mitigation such as:

  • Customer notification
  • Investigation
  • Call center support
  • IT support
  • Crisis management teams

Any company that takes in consumer data is tasked with its protection. With recent laws like Europe’s GDPR and California’s CCPA, the penalties for data protection breach incidents are only expected to increase. A comprehensive insurance policy could be the key to saving your business from financial ruin.

Let Coronet Take Your Data Security to the Next Level

Coronet provides enterprise-grade security and data breach insurance to businesses of any size, scope, or industry.  From end-point security and cyber-threat intervention to cloud app security and 24/7 monitoring, we offer plans that provide coverage up to $500K whether the breach was a matter of employee error, intentional theft, malware attacks, website malfunctioning, or hacker targeting. Our award-winning AI system automatically identifies personally identifiable information and regulated data in all your cloud applications and files to ensure that it does not get lost or leak into unauthorized hands.

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