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Coro Cybersecurity

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Coro’s Security Operations Center provides relentless security for:

Unauthorized access
Endpoint vulnerabilities
Email attacks and phishing
Abnormal user behavior
Malware and ransomware spread
Network threats

Get hours back in your day

When you use CoroSOC™, you take cybersecurity off your to-do list. Let us take care of cybersecurity so you can get back to focusing on your IT projects.

Real-time mitigation

We monitor your safety 24/7/365. With an expert constantly patrolling your environment, we monitor and eliminate threats the moment they arise.

Full transparency

CoroSOC™ is co-managed with you. We provide full transparency into the dashboard and actions, with full control and visibility of the cockpit and see what our experts see.

Customized for you

When you sign up with CoroSOC™, we familiarize ourselves intimately with your environment. No two companies are alike. We tailor our operation so it perfectly fits your company’s needs.

More protection for less money

Hiring a full time cybersecurity expert is expensive. CoroSOC™ gives you the same level of expertise and coverage at a fraction of the cost.

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