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Coro Cybersecurity

Cloud Apps Security

Experience cloud app security that goes beyond the cloud. Our AI-based platform moves work from humans to machines. It reduces workload and frees the team to focus on high-value tasks.

The first cloud apps security solution built for lean IT teams

Cloud app security for small to midsize business that is simple and easy to use. We highlight user experience. With sophisticated AI at your fingertips, it’s effortless to keep your company safe. Secure your company and get time back in your day to focus on your mission.



Simple to configure and deploy

Coro cloud app security solution is simplified. With our easy setup and intuitive dashboard, lean IT teams get cybersecurity that works for them.

Save time with automation

Our cloud app security software was built on AI automation and machine learning. We automatically handle over 80% of all tasks generated within our software.


Coro offers affordable cybersecurity to SMBs. You don’t need to let price stand in the way of your safety.

So easy to use that anyone can be a cybersecurity expert

Coro’s mission is to empower the lean IT team or the small business owner with limited knowledge of cybersecurity. You can monitor our cloud app security from a single dashboard with powerful, yet simple features.

AI automation

Human response times are too slow. It is critical that technology can step in to provide a superior layered cybersecurity experience. We’ve built our cloud app security software on an AI model that acts as a full time IT security expert.


IT administrators now can resolve issues within multiple platforms with a single click. Get more time back in your day with 1-Click-Resolve™.

Feature-rich cloud application security

Coro is a unified solution

Our goal was to shatter the established model for cybersecurity that’s offered to SMBs. Instead of the legacy method of buying layered security a-la-cart, all costly on their own, Coro has released an all-in-one product that protects all aspects of clients’ digital environment that is affordable and simple to operate.

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What Is cloud application security?
Cloud app security is the act of protecting application access and data through software. Examples of common cloud applications are Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, and Salesforce.
Is cloud app security difficult to manage?
It is possible for cloud app security to be both difficult or easy to manage. Enterprise solutions are often overly complex and are unneeded for the SMB space. For that reason, Coro engineered an AI model to manage daily tasks and a simple intuitive dashboard for deployment.
What cloud application can be protected?
Examples of cloud applications that can be protected are Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Slack.
Is a cloud firewall the same as cloud application security?
A cloud firewalls networks traffic to and within the cloud but doesn’t necessarily scan the files, learn user behavior, or prevent the unwanted release of critical / personal information.

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