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Coronet provides your organization with total protection from wireless network threats

In today’s world where BYOD and BYON are common, the Coronet enterprise solution allows
you to safely use any Wi-Fi or Cellular network connection, on any device at any location.
The Coronet solution provides:

Visibility and intelligence on wireless threats both inside and outside of your premises.

Ability to define global wireless security policy that is automatically executed on devices

Freedom to connect your device from anywhere, access any service, and maintain privacy without any inconvenience.

Maintain Full Data Security of all corporate data, while ensuring full wireless network security and eliminating the risk of wireless device manipulation.

Traditional security tools do not protect you from wireless threats

Wireless attacks are one of the fastest growing threats and extremely easy to perform, especially in hotels, airports, public transportation and food courts.  
Every time your users, customers, or partners use Wi-Fi or cellular networks, inside or outside your premises, they potentially expose your organization to a wide range of threats that cannot be handled by traditional security technologies.

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Wireless attacks can:

Manipulate the device or the user

Intercept and manipulate data transmissions to and from the device

Place malware on the device

Gain access to assets on the device, including stored credentials

Use the device as a “Trojan Horse

The Coronet solution consists of three components:


Coronet Client

A lightweight software agent that runs
on any device (Laptop, Smartphone,
Tablet) and requires no hardware or OS level modifications


Coronet Enterprise Dashboard

A cloud platform that enables the
CiSO’s organization to define wireless
security policy, track threats in real
time, and analyze threat intelligence


Coronet Intelligence Platform

A massive intelligence repository that
captures network behavior data and
continuously analyzes the data
searching for new attack vectors, thus
future proofing against new types of

Cloud based platform. Easy to deploy. No hardware.

Enterprise Protection
  • Access to the Coronet Portal in which you may
    • Define and manage wireless usage policy
    • Gain visibility into wireless network usage
    • Gain real time intelligence on threats around your users and locations
  • Client software that
    • Enforces your wireless connectivity policy
    • Detects wireless threats and potential breaches around the device
Personal Protection
  • Basic protection against wireless threats

Providing protection for all major platforms.





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See what the Industry are saying

Coronet is Top Product
Enterprises Should
Know About
August 2016
CoroNet selected as “Top 15 Innovators” in the
Cisco/Pioneers challenge
June 2016
Security winner in The Tech Trailblazers Awards
September 2016

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In our latest white paper, our CTO discusses an attack vector that introduces risks even into WPA protected networks.

Most organizations use the WPA-Enterprise security protocol to manage and protect their Wi-Fi access, allocating individual user credentials to their employees. Those credentials can be exposed using this attack method. To learn more about this attack, and ways to defend against it, download our free white paper.


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