Connecting to
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Coffee shops
  • Campus
  • Municipal
Wi-Fi ?

You’re at risk for identity theft, financial fraud, and personal files and pictures theft. Protect yourself now with
the Coronet app.

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Can you trust that Wi-Fi?
Now you can!

Connecting to a coffee shop Wi-Fi, or the hotel’s network? No worries. Coronet will tell you if it’s OK to connect.

See how many Wi-Fi traps
lurk around you

Moving to a new office? a new neighborhood? Going on vacation? Or maybe just curious about your current address? Use Coronet app to check for any surrounding risks

Go ahead, protect all your devices

No email, no credit card, no personal information required or collected.

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What are you really risking?

When using an unverified network you risk losing your:

  • Credentials

  • Financial

  • Identity

  • Documents

  • Family Photos

Over 1.3 million users are using Coronet worldwide

"What I loved most about this app is that it gave me a sense of control over what happens on my phone when it's connecting to a new WiFi. I can finally understand when it's safe to connect and when it is not."

Keren K.

"I decided to start using Coronet’s app on my phone to help protect myself from connecting to risky networks. Since it was so easy and intuitive to use, I’ve now added it to my laptop and work PC as well – to keep myself covered from every angle and on every device!"

Romi R.

"Can't believe it's free! Usually security apps are pretty complicated, but surprisingly, I didn't need to do much to get started. Highly recommended."

Boris F.

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