Flyer Talk: Study Reveals the Most and Least Secure Airport Wifi Networks in the U.S.

Posted: July 18, 2018 / Author: Keren

his week, Cybersecurity firm Coronet released a report detailing the most vulnerable public wifi networks at airports in the U.S. The study, which ranks the 45 busiest airports in the country, finds that, in many cases, passenger convenience and ease-of-use take a back seat to cybersecurity concerns.

On Wednesday, the cybersecurity firm Coronet released a first-of-its-kind study ranking the security vulnerabilities of public wifi networks at the 45 busiest airports around the U.S. The just-released report, Attention All Passengers: Airport Networks Are Putting Your Devices & Cloud Apps at Severe Risk, was compiled by collecting data “from more than 250,000 consumer and corporate endpoints that traveled through America’s 45 busiest airports over the course of five months.” Coronet says it then “analyzed the data consisting of both device vulnerabilities and wifi network risks, which was captured from the company’s threat protection applications.” Finally, researchers assigned a corresponding “Airport Threat Score” which was used to rank the airports from least vulnerable to most vulnerable.

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