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Big or small, your business is a valuable target for attackers.

Get protected with all-in-one cloud platform that secures your data and your users.
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43 percent of cyber attacks target small business.1
Nearly 60% of small businesses that got breached went out of business.2
Don't become a casualty of a breach, protect your business with
Lenovo Security Console.

  • Email Security
  • Protect your email from malware & ransomware. Prevent sensitive information leakage (DLP).

  • End point security
  • Prevent data leakage and credentials theft from unsecured or non-updated PC/Mobile devices.

  • SaaS applications security
  • Protect your Office365, G-Suite, Dropbox and other services from malware/ransomware, data loss (DLP) and abnormal user activities.

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Security is complex. We make it simple. More than 2 million users agree.
The Lenovo Security Console is comprehensive protection with these critical features:


Block data leakage

Switch PII/PHI/PCI detection on to comply with cyber-insurance and regulations requirements.


End-point security & compliance

Automatically verify the security posture of end points and compliance with cyber-insurance.

Malware/Ransomware protection

Prevent malware and ransomware from corrupting SaaS applications data


Block suspicious & abnormal activity

Automatically monitor, identify, and block suspicious or abnormal activity.

Audit everything

Get visibility to all users, devices, and SaaS applications activities.

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1. According to a report.
2. According to the United Sates House of Representatives committee for Small Business.