Email Security Tech Specs

Malicious actors, employee misbehavior, and technical vulnerabilities all threaten a company’s email system. Coronet SecureCloud is a comprehensive solution designed to mitigate these business risks, particularly for companies using cloud services. Our email security tech specs usher your enterprise to a new level of preparedness with email threat detection and mitigation, as well as contextual security and device protection.

Threat Detection

Immediate identification of a threat is necessary to meet the challenges of email security.

We offer enhanced protection that detects and blocks:

  • Email phishing attacks – including suspicious sender emails and suspicious embedded content.
  • Email spear phishing attacks – including impersonation, and malicious links
  • Malware – whether in cloud storage or in-transit.
  • Data leakage – collaboration with unauthorized people, file sharing, and sensitive file types or content.

Past cloud reports have revealed that 1 in 5 sensitive files have been exposed publicly online. “Sensitive” file types include certificates, source code, documents, and custom content. “Sensitive” file content encompasses Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), Payment Card Industry Information (PCI), custom content, and regex expressions.

Threat Mitigation

Our email security services use AI-based monitors not only detect threats but immediately move to mitigate the threats as follows:

  • Prevent unauthorized collaboration (with anyone, with unauthorized, or with external users).
  • Delete a suspicious email or move it to a “Suspected” folder for review.
  • Alert end-users and provide education on the next steps.

Contextual Security

The ability to secure a record based on content is an asset. For your convenience, security policy rules can be applied to sub-populations as well as to specific conditions:

  • Domains, user groups or specific users.
  • Senders and receivers.

We understand the need for email security flexibility, set by the parameters of your choosing.

Device Protection

With so many employees using iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows phones, mobile device management is essential for email security. Our mobile device management includes domain configuration, APNs certificate configuration, multi-factor authentication setup, enforcement of device security policies, and device enrollment. 

Protected services include:

  • Office365
  • Gmail

Questions About Email Security Tech Specs?

Contact Coronet for more information on SecureCloud and the particular email security tech specs that concern you. We believe in powerful email security for any business operating in the cloud. Through our holistic approach and affordable services, we strive to provide you with greater peace of mind that your email data is for essential personnel’s eyes only.