Preventing a data breach used to be hard. We’ve made it easy for you.

1. Sign up & setup

It takes only a few minutes to sign up and set up Coronet.

Provide us with few details to create your account. Our simple guide will walk you through the 5 minute setup, or you can have a member of our support team install it for you. Schedule a free installation.

2. We monitor & scan

We’ll immediately begin monitoring your business for a data breach

Coronet looks for information leakage, abnormal activities, malware/ransomware spread, or regulatory violations that might put your business at risk.

3. We protect

We automatically mitigate risks, threats, and abnormal activities

Our award-winning AI engine is preset with the best practices to protect your business. If needed, with just a few clicks, you can adjust it to better match your own policies.

4. We block & remediate

We block leakage of your sensitive information

Our data loss prevention engine automatically identifies PII (Personally Identifiable Information or regulated data (ie PHI/PCI) in your cloud applications and files, and ensures that it will not leak out into unapproved hands.

5. We secure

We’ll start monitoring your employees’ devices for risks

Our powerful Coronet application (optional) monitors the security of your employees’ smartphones, laptops, and desktops to ensure that no malware or ransomware will infiltrate your cloud applications from unsecured devices.

6. We help

Our professional security team is at your service

Our team is here for you. We’ll help you with setup, answer your questions, and be at the ready to help in case of an incident. Start free trial today.