Welcome to the CoroNet blog!

Posted: January 29, 2015 / Author: Dror Liwer
Our goal in having the blog is to provide you with ongoing updates on news and developments regarding radio attacks, defenses, our expert's opinions on the field of radio security, and many other things that should interest anyone dealing with Cyber security.Clearly, our aim is not to cover ALL of cyber - there are many fantastic blogs and publications out there that do that wonderfully. Our focus will always be on the Radio layer - which, despite having many well publicized breach incidents, does not seem to be covered at all.
Subscribe to the blog, and we will send you information about attacks as they become known, as we constantly monitor attacks in real time, around the world. With thousands of our software agents deployed around the world, we also have a detailed map of worldwide radio attack topology - which we will publish right here, for free, in real time. If you wish us to write about a specific subject, do drop us a note, and we will do our best. After all, we do employ some of the brightest minds in Cyber Radio.
So in short - Welcome to your ultimate source of information about Radio attacks and threats worldwide. Stay tuned for regular updates.