Spy with your little eye: hacker activity

Josh Klasco Blog

October is here and so is Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

It is a transition period, the weather is unpredictable—short sleeves yesterday and scarves today. Before going out, you check your weather app every morning to see what the weather is like outside. This is detection. In cybersecurity, detection isn’t easy, but it’s important. Hackers often take great pains to hide, even with strong detection, it can be hard to find them. 

In fact, hackers will often gain access to your system and do nothing at all. They won’t install ransomware. They won’t steal your information. They’ll just sit and watch, learning how you behave. Then, after months of observation, they may send an email from your account in your voice asking a coworker for money. The recipient (maybe someone in Finance) will send the money – it looks legit. Once the hacker gets what they came for, they’re gone. 

A customer was on trial with Coro. The customer was using Great Horn for cybersecurity, but a phishing email got through, nonetheless. A user clicked on the email and shared their UN/PW. Then three suspicious login attempts were made from Nigeria.  

Great Horn failed on 2 levels:  

1.   Missed the phishing attack  

2.   Missed all the suspicious logins Coro saved the day by giving a detailed report showing which user was affected.  

Using our superior detection capabilities, Coro was able to find vulnerabilities that Great Horn missed. The IT team was then able to realize the importance of re-educating their employees on cybersecurity best practices.  

This is why our free detection services are so appreciated. We have countless examples of companies that think they are set, only to discover that there is malicious code littered throughout their environment.  

Detection is not remediation. Detection finds the threats; remediation eliminates them. With detection, you can change your behavior to block threats. And with our free lifetime detection, you’re replacing fear with certainty

An ounce of detection is worth a pound of remediation. Coro offers free lifetime detection, so you can see what ails you at no charge or disruption to your present cyber defense posture. 

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