Cybersecurity is a continuous learning curve for many small and medium-sized businesses, with new players emerging all the time. How do you know your current provider is offering the best value for the money? Coronet breaks it all down for you with this helpful competitor comparison, so you can see where we excel over other big names in cloud security you are considering or perhaps already have.

Competitor Comparison


Company Name:
Product Name:
E3 Enterprise
E5 Enterprise
Security Coverage (Summary)Email SecurityYesYesYesNo
Email Content ProtectionYesYesYesNo
Cloud Application Security (e.g. Office 365, Dropbox, G Suite, etc.)YesYesYesYes
Endpoint SecurityYesUsing Intune EMMUsing Intune EMMNo
Data Security and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)YesPartialYesYes
Wi-Fi SecurityYesNoNoNo
Services CoverageOffice 365YesYesYesYes
G-SuiteYesNoYesGoogle Drive Only
Access ControlUser AccessYesYesYesYes
User BehaviorYesYesYesYes
Malware and RansomwareYesYesYesNo
Endpoint PostureYesUsing Intune EMMUsing Intune EMMNo
Network PostureYesNoNoNo
Data Loss PreventionDLP Collaboration – FilesYesYesYesYes
DLP Collaboration – EmailsYesYesYesNo
DLP DiscoveryYesYesYesNo
PII Scan10 Elements3 ElementsYes5 Elements
PCI Scan9 Elements2 ElementsYes2 Elements
PHI Scan5 ElementsNoYesNo
Source Code ScanYesNoYesNo
Certificates ScanYesNoYesNo
Documents ScanYesNoNoNo
Custom Type ScanYesNoYesYes
Custom Content ScanYesNoNoNo
Protection ScopeMalware and Ransomware – Cross Organization ScanYesNoYesNo
Malware and Ransomware – Industry leading engineYesNoYesNo
Malware and Ransomware – Ransomware file spread monitoringYesNoYesNo
Phishing Protection – Email bodyYesYesYesNo
Phishing Protection – Attachments scan (e.g. Docs, PDFs, Text, Pictures)YesYesYesNo
Phishing Protection – Spear phishing protectionYesNoYesNo
Endpoint Security – Anti-malware YesUsing Intune EMMUsing Intune EMMNo
Endpoint Security -Device VulnerabilitiesYesUsing Intune EMMUsing Intune EMMNo
Endpoint Security – OS update for all operating systemsYesUsing Intune EMMUsing Intune EMMNo
Network Security (WiFi)YesNoNoNo
Cyber InsuranceIncluded with subcription costYesNoNoNo
OperationInstallation TypeCloud BasedCloud BasedCloud BasedProxy
Learning CurveShort and EasyModerateSteepShort
Required ExpertiseBasic IT, Fully AutomatedRequires Knowledgable IT StaffRequires Knowledgable IT StaffRequires Knowledgable IT Staff
Documents ScanLowMediumHighLow
Total Cost of OwnershipPurchase Cost$5.99$20$35$9.00
Operation CostVery LowMedium-highVery HighMedium

Looking for other cyber security platforms to compare against SecureCloud?

Compare Endpoint Protection

Security breaches traditionally stemmed from lapses in the network itself. Today, however, centralized network protection does not go far enough. Workplace boundaries are ever expanding – and security needs along with them. As enterprises and employees seek more fluid data access and on-the-go work environments, endpoints like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices become entry points for exploitation.

When you compare endpoint protection, you’ll notice Coronet offers the most expansive endpoint security standards by far. You’ll have defined control over multiple access points within the network, not just the one most common breach point.

Our advanced endpoint security software uses encryption and application control settings to prevent unauthorized access, monitor and block risky activities, and protect against data leaks or losses. Unlike other competitors, our advanced focus on endpoint security goes the extra mile with a three-prong approach that includes anti-malware, device vulnerability protection, and OS updates for all operating systems.   

Compare Cloud Security

Data migration over the cloud represents a substantial risk. Many providers will provide basic email security, but most will extend protection for outgoing emails only – not internal or incoming emails. While basic protection limits your liability up to a certain extent, Coronet SecureCloud has you covered in every way possible.

It’s essential to compare cloud security because vulnerabilities exist well beyond Microsoft 365 and Google Drive. If you’re using increasingly relevant cloud applications like Slack, Salesforce, Dropbox, and others, you’ll need to cover gaps in protection with robust cloud security protection.   

From Wi-Fi infiltration to endpoint security breaches, we understand the evolving threats that arise from time to time. Our far-reaching scope of defense guarantees protection against data loss, malware, phishing, and ransomware. There truly is no comparison when you consider the comprehensive, wrap-around cloud security that covers you from every angle when you choose Coronet.  

Wrap-Around Protection You Can Afford

Here’s the epic news: we offer not only the broadest protection, but also the most affordable. Increasingly, robust security has become a vital precursor for conducting business. The right to protect your livelihood is fundamental and should be accessible to companies big and small, not just the elite few. Ramp up your cloud security with a free trial, and then choose the level of monthly support you need, starting at $5.99 per user.