All the cloud security elements, combined in one, cloud based system

Access control and Cloud control, two security layers that protect your cloud applications and your data.

Access Control Application

Real time visibility and control over who has access to your cloud apps and data. Allows access only to authorized and authenticated users, using secure devices, connected through safe networks.

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Coronet Client
Coronet Console

Cloud Control Console

Once access is granted, the Cloud Control layer monitors user’s activities in the cloud services. Identifies and blocks suspicious or abnormal behavior, prevents data leakage and information theft and protects from malware and ransomware spread in the cloud

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Coronet Console

Automatic detection
and Mitigation

By using our award-winning AI technology, Coronet automatically identifies and mitigates risks, provides visibility into who did what in which service, and what did Coronet do about it – all with no need for team members monitoring or handling security events

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Immediate protection. No credit card required.

Simple control and management from a single, cloud-based console

Pure cloud solution eliminates the need for onsite installation

Implementation in minutes, no legacy security integration

Effortless connection of cloud services, distribution to employees

Easy definition of protection rules

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Immediate protection. No credit card required.

A single application controls user, device, and network access

Coronet Clients

Transparent view of the device security posture

User and device authentication with a press of a button

Automatic blocking and If a vulnerability is discovered

No need for MDM or containers on users device

Automatic UNBLOCKING once a vulnerability is resolved, without operator involvement

Works on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android