is the first solution to bring all the essential elements of cloud security, Access Control and Cloud Control into a single, cloud-based system

What is included in Access Control?

User Access Control

Ensures only authorized users have access to your data and apps


We authenticate and continuously monitor the user through the built in SSO and MFA modules included in the platform.

User Behavior

We monitor abnormal login and access attempts to ensure malicious actors are not using compromised credentials to gain access to apps and data

Device access control

We ensure devices are not compromised, preventing data leakage or malware introduction into the cloud services.

Device settings vulnerabilities

We verify that every device accessing your data will not have settings that may put the device at risk. For example: no password protection, no disk encryption, no anti malware protection, device rooting, etc. This ensures that only devices that pose no risk to cloud applications and data will be authorized access.

Device geo-location

We monitor for the device - location, including its presence in pre-defined perimeters such as offices, airports and risky locations, so we can ensure a device has not been stolen and is used to access your apps and data.

Device authentication

We offer built-in device authentication, to ensure that only devices with the Coronet application installed can access your cloud applications.

Network access control

Ensures data doesn’t leak from malicious or compromised networks users use.

Network credibility

We check the network that is being used when accessing your cloud applications against our network reputation database and verify that the reputation of the network is acceptable, and compliant with regulations and policies.

Network security settings

We ensure that the networks security settings such as which security protocol is used (WEP, WPA, EAP) match the minimum required security levels you set in your access policy set for authorized access to the cloud applications.

Network geo-context

We check the Geo-location of the wireless network used to connect to your cloud services with the actual location of a device, to make sure that the network is not hacked or spoofed resulting in a back door to your apps and data.

Network data routing

We monitor the Network routing path across IP network to make sure that the data is not intercepted or diverted along the way, and that no backdoors are established to your data and apps.

Wireless phishing

We monitor the behavior of public Wi-Fi login screens to determine if hackers implanted malware in them to get a backdoor to the device, your cloud apps, and your data.

Attack equipment & MITM

We identify Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks and dedicated attack equipment used by hackers to honeypot the user to connect to a malicious network, and gain access to your cloud applications and data.

What is included in Cloud Control?

Coronet monitors cloud activities to ensure no data is leaked, that regulatory compliance is maintained, and that malware does not spread through your cloud services.

Threats detection in the cloud

Network creditability

We check the network that is being used when accessing your cloud applications against our network reputation database and verify that the reputation of the network is acceptable, and compliant with regulations and policies.

Potential malware and ransomware activity

Examine files stored in cloud applications storage for potential malware. Analyze multiple file dimensions to detect unauthorized encryption and identify the velocity of files spread in your cloud applications.

Suspicious administrative activities

Unusual actions that require administrative permissions (disable MFA, open non-standard ports, make storage accessible to everyone, etc.)

Cross-service analysis of data access & usage

Profile and analyze access and usage patterns across several cloud services to detect cross-service threats

Anomaly detection

User behavioral anomalies

Spot anomalies in user behavior (e.g., abnormal access to highrisk or sensitive objects, abnormal number of activities, many requests in a short time frame, activity from terminated user accounts, dormant accounts, etc.)

Device behavioral anomalies

Spot anomalies in device behavior (e.g., unusual data exchange patterns, battery consumption, etc.)

Service access anomalies

Suspicious access patterns such as services that haven’t been accessed in the past by the user, unusual access sequences, etc.

Risky or abnormal usage of corporate data

Mass downloads within short time frames, suspicious data deletion, privileged data access misuse, etc.

Data Loss Prevention

Sensitive data exfiltration from cloud services

Identify and prevent leakage of sensitive information such as PII/PHI/PCI

Collaboration and sharing control

Control which file types and what sensitive information can be shared, who can share, and with whom.

Data on-cloud regulatory compliance

Detection and prevention of regulated data exposure and standards compliance (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR etc.)

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