Lenovo, Dropbox, ADP, Vonage, all chose to offer our cybersecurity solution to their mid market and SMB customers.

If you are already selling into the SMB or Mid market IT team, we can help you extend your offering with a white labeled, comprehensive cyber security solution. 

Offering cybersecurity, one of the most critical issues SMBs and mid market companies face, can cement your relationships with your customer, position you as a security expert, and increase your recurring revenue.


What will your customers get?

One platform that protects them against malware, ransomware, phishing, insider threats, account takeover, data leakage, malicious Wi-Fi, and much more. Their devices, emails, cloud services, will be protected within minutes of deployement. 

Powered by AI - they need to do nothing - our platform finds the threat, neutralizes it, and at the end of the day sends them a report. It was designed from the ground up for companies with lean IT, or no IT.

Over 20,000,000 people are protected by Coronet, over 85% of them through our partners.  This is why you may have never heard of us - as in most cases, the service is branded as our partner's service, not ours. 

What will you get?

Partnering with us has three benefits:

  • Incremental, high margin recurring monthly revenue
  • Strengthening your relationship with your customer, as you'll be providing them a much needed service
  • Strengthening your security posture as we will extend our platform to secure your environment


What else? 


  • On-Demand technical training on Coronet's products
  • Partner service kits
  • Product ideation and feedback forums


    • Listing in Coronet's global Partner Directory
    • Dedicated Partner COncierge service
    • Business Planning support


      • Partner Marketing Studio
      • Assistance developing success stories
      • Marketing incentive program
      • Solutions Hub


        • Deal referral
        • TCO / ROI Assessment Tools
        • Industry / competitive hubs