OEM Partners

Coronet allows Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) the possibility to deliver a secured Wi-Fi experience on their devices.
Coronet can detect and evade unsafe wireless connections over both Wi-Fi and Cellular networks. It can also rate and keep record of popular network scores (mostly used, never used or sometimes used.)

A secured wireless experience

The freedom to move around while staying connected and productive can only be achieved when there is confidence in the wireless networks surrounding the device. Coronet’s seamless experience allows a fast and steady wireless connection with no security concerns.

It’s more than a trend, it’s a necessity

Nowadays, connectivity and device protection are relevant for everyone: Individuals, consumers, business and enterprise. The outcome of connecting to malicious wireless networks is clear to both consumers and enterprises. On the consumer side, the risks has to do with identity theft, privacy invasion to personal information and images, credit card fraud, and more… on the enterprise side the risks has to do with anything that can put the company at risk; espionage, password cracking, active directory hacking, and other data security threats.

The challenge

Many wireless connections, especially on mobile devices, are made automatically. To enable that, underneath the surface a process takes place before, during and after the connection is made. From an enterprise aspect, one cannot control to which wireless networks users connect. Conventional solution defenses such as EMM and VPN are not enough. They only start working after the connection has been made, thus, missing a critical security stage.

Intelligent, Simple and Easy

Coronet monitors the global wireless environment, and provides real-time intelligence that enables safety before, during and after a connection is established. Thus, giving consumers alerts about malicious or risky wireless networks in range. Coronet’s strong, battery friendly, user friendly security solution is a prefect fit for any device from mobile to desktop. In addition, Coronet also provides a unique cloud service solution with crowd wisdom, included in the same application. It’s an all-in-one experience.

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