Lenovo Chooses Coronet to power it’s Connected Home Security offering

Posted: January 12, 2020 / Author: Keren

Coronet’s Enterprise grade security is extended to the connected home

January 07, 2020 – New York – Coronet, the leader in bringing enterprise security to everyone, today announced that Lenovo, the world’s largest computer vendor, has selected Coronet’s cyber security platform to power Lenovo’s Connected Home Security offering, which will automatically detect and respond to the increasingly frequent and complex cyber risks impacting families at their home, and on the go.

Continuing Coronet’s efforts to simplify cybersecurity and make it accessible to market segments that were neglected by traditional cybersecurity vendors, this latest offering is aimed at securing the connected home and will be offered exclusively through partners.

As more and more connected devices make it into the home, with them, the exposure to cyber risks increased, leaving family financials, personal information, pictures, and documents vulnerable to theft by cyber-criminals. Protecting the connected home from different types of threats associated with different types of devices has been extremely complex. A simpler, more affordable solution was needed, which is why Lenovo turned to Coronet to power Lenovo Connected Home Security.

“An average home has over 30 smart devices, starting with phones, but it doesn’t end there,” said Guy Moskowitz, Coronet’s co-founder and CEO. “Smart TVs, baby monitors, laptops, tablets, smart doorbells and smart locks, all pose different types of threats, and until now, no one product was able to address all the cyber risks impacting the connected home.”

Smart devices introduce new risks

Smart devices sales are expected to reach $53.45 billion by 2022. Over 127 new devices connecting to the internet EACH SECOND. And if we learned anything form the latest hacks of baby monitors, smart TVs, connected cameras, smart thermostats and smart locks, all of these devices were designed with convenience as the primary driver, not security.
The biggest issue facing the connected home today, is that the cyber risks associated with a laptop are vastly different than those that a hacked baby monitor poses, and setting up different types of security products to address each risk was complicated, and very expensive.

“Just like we took enterprise grade security, and brought it to small businesses, we were challenged ourselves to do the same for the connected home.” Said Moskowitz. “Our challenge was to make setup effortless, and to keep the offering affordable for any household. I am very proud to say we did both, and with Lenovo’s leadership, we expect to finally solve the connected home security challenge.”

Connected Home Security monitors home networks for malicious security behavior and sends alerts if an unknown user has logged into the home network. Connected Home Security alerts users to potential security vulnerabilities, such as online hacking and phishing attacks and users instructions on how to help stay protected.

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