ISNews features: SecureCloud: Looking At All Sides Of The Cloud Security Narrative

Posted: September 15, 2017 / Author: Dror Liwer
Information Security Buzz features Dror Liwer and co-writer Mark Mishaev’ latest article, reflecting on recent changes in the IT landscape, the wide adoption of cloud services together with BYOD proliferation, and the reasons why traditional security solutions, fall short in providing effective data protection. Any one-aspect kind of solution, even the most secure one available, is not enough to protect the entire cloud security chain. It has to have an additional service supporting other aspects of the chain in order to provide full end-to-end protection. The two mapped all the main security approaches and models, from the conservative method of protection using on-premises data centers, all the way through Zero trust policies, to Google’s BeyondCorp. The article provides a new way of thinking, a novel approach to defending data, whether in transit or at rest, based on four essential pillars: user, device, network and service. The method, proposed by Coronet is grounded by a concept of trust and aims at addressing shortcomings of the existing solutions that have little-to-no visibility across all parts of the data security chain. To read the full article click here.