Homeland Security Today: Las Vegas Deemed Most Cyber Vulnerable City in U.S., According to Coronet Report

Posted: May 24, 2018 / Author: Dror Liwer

Businesses in Las Vegas, Memphis and Charlotte are most likely to be hit by cyberattacks, according to a report from security firm Coronet.

The report lists the 10 most cyber vulnerable U.S. cities, based on the vulnerability of devices and infrastructure in each metro area. Coronet examined over one million endpoints to obtain an overall Threat Index Score ranging from 0-10, with a score of below 6.5 coming in as an acceptable level of risk.

Las Vegas topped the list with a Threat Index Score of 10, with Memphis and Charlotte close behind, with a score of 9.8. According to the report, users in Vegas have a 43 percent chance of connecting to either medium- or high-risk networks. The report suggested that, as a logistics hub, Memphis may be particularly vulnerable to attacks, as cyber attacks on the supply chain have risen by 200 percent in recent years

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