Coronet Named As Top Product Enterprises Should Know About

Posted: February 28, 2016 / Author: Dror Liwer

If you don't know that enterprise data breaches are becoming more and more of a problem, then I'm not sure where you've been hiding these past few years -- Sony, Home Depot, Ashley Madison, Adobe, LinkedIn are just a few examples of major companies that have been hacked recently.

In fact, according to a recent PwC report, in 2015, enterprise security breaches increased by 81%. That's huge. It means that security hacks have attacked nearly every business place, both large and small, and that no business is safe from possible breaches.


In addition to data leak prevention features, enterprises also can equip themselves with data intervention platforms in order to combat the recent increase in security breaches. Today, there is a growing threat in "commjacking," or highjacking the wireless communication channels that connect devices to both WiFi networks and cellular towers.

Once cybercriminals have commjacked wireless networks, they can record conversations, intercept data transmissions, and even alter the data on the device itself. For enterprises, these particular attacks are catastrophic.

CoroNet offers a solution -- its technology first detects and analyzes threats in the devices' wireless vicinity and then uses machine learning to construct algorithms to prevent malicious attacks. If the sensors locate malicious signals, CoroNet routes around them and ultimately prohibits the device from connecting. This way, devices remain safe from potential commjackers and the data and information inside is secure.


In short, it's imperative that enterprises continue to equip themselves with the latest security measures in order to prevent possible breaches. If they do choose to deploy BYOD policies, they should absolutely offer cyber-security training sessions for employees so that employees understand the importance of online security and the damage that security breaches may cause the company.

Hopefully, as more enterprises take the appropriate steps to arm themselves with such preventative solutions, the statistics I mentioned earlier will drop and we'll all be a little safer.


CoroNet is proud to have been named 1 of 3 products enterprises must know about by Inc. See the full article here.