Coronet chosen as one of the 30 Coolest Mobile Security And Device Management Vendors

Posted: May 8, 2017 / Author: Dror Liwer

May 8, 2017, 4:00 pm EDT – CRN published the full 2017 mobility 100 list with a specific focus on the 30 coolest mobile security vendors. Coronet was named as the 8th place. Following telecom and software giants like BlackBerry, CheckPoint and Citrix.

The rise of the mobile workforce creates major opportunities for businesses and employees, but many challenges, too. At the top of that list of challenges is security, particularly when it comes to ensuring that sensitive corporate information does not fall into the wrong hands. Vendors large and small have emerged to provide security offerings that go beyond those offered by the device makers themselves. Offerings that are typically integrated with mobile device management tools.

Coronet focuses on defending against threats to an organization's wireless network, enabling enterprises to have their employees safely use devices over any Wi-Fi or cellular connection. The offering includes intelligence about wireless threats and protection of corporate data. Thus, making it possible for employees to work with SaaS tools while maintaining high level security and without any user experience degradation at a fraction of the integration costs.

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