New Coro

New brand, new software version

We are excited to unveil our new logo, and new name. The new logo is more modern, more dynamic, and shows that we protect more than Wi-Fi. 
We hope you share in our excitement!
Coro logo

Better email protection 

We improved our phishing detection engines, and allowed administrators to enforce an automatic removal of all phishing emails to prevent them from ever hitting the user's mailbox. 
The engine now also prevents malware and ransomware attacks - completly automatically.

Smarter account takeover prevention

You asked, we listened! Our new account takeover protection looks at behavior, huristics, location data, login patterns to automatically detect an account takeover attemp and stop it before the attacker gets a chance to do any damage. 

Better cloud protection

Prevent storage of regulated data in your cloud platforms, and prevent sharing of sensitive data with unautorized users, completly automatically