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All you’ll need to do is define a base SaaS security policy in our cloud platform, or use our pre-built best practices. You don’t need to integrate us, spend hours on defining complex rules, or annoy your users with pesky proxies or containers that slow them down.

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What does end-to-end mean?

Device Posture
Network Posture
Service Posture
Secure Saas User Access

Coronet extends security to any cloud service, by ensuring the user, the device, the network and cloud service can be trusted. Coronet removes the need for VPN, Proxy and Containers (and any other element that your users hate and impacts their productivity).

It is the only platform that requires no integration, customization or labor intensive work to integrate SaaS into your legacy security; It is the first, all-in-one platform, designed from the ground up to include everything you need to ensure any SaaS usage by any user, on any device, connected through any network - is secure.

Industry accolades

One of the 30 Coolest Mobile Security & Device Management Vendors
Top Innovator Award
Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation
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