Our Expertise Makes An Impact

Whatever your company’s cyber security sophistication, Coronet’s SecureCloud Consultants are here to make sure you’re able to withstand even the most sophisticated targeted attacks.

Your SecureCloud Consultants can help you streamline your team’s security operations and implement that critical processes necessary to keep your company safe.

With your SecureCloud subscription, your Enhanced Support services include

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Prioritized Protection

How do you know if a hacker has breached your data security defenses?

In most cases, you don’t. Your data defense doesn’t start until hackers are already inside your systems.

SecureCloud’s 24/7 monitoring anticipates what attackers may do to breach your defenses, alerts you to urgent issues that require your immediate attention, and fortifies your security to thwart attackers and reduce the chance of a data breach.

Actionable Intelligence

It all starts with our unmatched threat intelligence network.

The completely anonymized attack data we received from our 4-million customers allows us able to pinpoint hackers’ tactics, techniques and procedures faster than any other of our competitors.

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Relevant Reports

Your company is unique. So is your cyber security risk.

With your subscription, SecureCloud Consultants can develop customized assessment programs to identify your current security maturity level and which processes you need to put in place to keep your company safe.

These include custom benchmark studies, audits and incident reports, and policy playbooks to help increase your team’s security response capabilities.

The bottom line?

SecureCloud Consultants help cut costs. Your SecureCloud enhanced support services will help you prioritize your security resources and investments based on actual risk rather than educated guesses.

Enhanced support ensures your success. With SecureCloud’s consultants supporting your team, you can put in place the comprehensive security strategy and processes to increase in-house response capabilities to prevent damage rather than clean up the mess from a data breach.