Endpoint Security

Modern endpoint protection that provides advanced threat detection and remediation is essential to protecting businesses from malware and ransomware. Leverage AI automation and machine learning to protect devices across the threat landscape.


The first endpoint solution built
for lean IT teams

Many small to mid-size businesses are trapped between no endpoint security and a costly, unmanageable solution. This is because enterprise endpoint software requires a massive amount of both human and financial capital. Hackers know this. So they’ve made SMBs their primary attack vector. This is why Coro has engineered an endpoint solution solely focused on the needs and capabilities of small to mid-size businesses.

So easy to use, now anyone can
manage cybersecurity

Coro’s mission is to empower the overworked IT director or the small business owner with limited cybersecurity knowledge. You can monitor and control our cloud-based system from a single dashboard with robust yet simple features.
A single dashboard
View issues that need to be resolved, information about your devices/users, and how the endpoint security is affected by the other features of Coro's all-in-one layered cybersecurity.
Eliminate the need to switch back and forth between complicated systems to resolve tickets. Coro's 1-Click-Resolve™ lets admins quickly address issues, so you can save time and money.

Feature-rich endpoint protection

Coro is a unified solution

Our goal was to shatter the established model for cybersecurity that’s offered to SMBs. Instead of the legacy method of buying layered security a-la-cart, all costly on their own, Coro has released an all-in-one product that protects all aspects of clients’ digital environment that is affordable and simple to operate.

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Endpoint security means securing devices such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and servers that are the entry point into networks. This type of layered cybersecurity scans files and other types of requests before they are served to the protected devices.

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