Email protection beyond email

More than what you'd expect from email security


Automated detection, response, & mitigation

Coro’s vigilant AI technology monitors your email to keep an eye out for unusual behavior.

If we see a suspicious email or an email coming from a flagged IP address, we isolate the threat immediately.

This gives you the opportunity to detect the threats facing your company and remediate as necessary.


Lock the door — and the windows

Coro's email protection comes as part of a greater package. Most email protection does only one thing — protects email. The problem with that is it doesn't acknowledge the reality of your users’ behavior.

Bad actors try to breach your defenses and the reality of connectivity. That’s why Coro also protects your cloud apps, endpoints, and data. Plus, as your greatest asset is also your greatest threat, we guard against the threats brought on by user behavior.


Be safe, be compliant

DLP and regulatory compliance cost extra with most email security providers. With Coro, it’s part of our relationship. We scan every file and email, or any data share for PII/PCI/PHI, and prevent confidential information leakage. This includes helping companies stay compliant with GLBA regulations.

Coro sits in front of Office365 and uses the AI to identify and flag potential spam and phishing. It puts the white list and black list for O365 on a single dashboard, allowing us to easily change the list.
Lee J. | IT Manager

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