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Coro Cybersecurity

Manage your data security and all your major domains

Deploy the simple solution for powerful Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Take a great leap forward in your protection



Different DLP systems must be deployed to various areas of protection
Single data security solution that covers:
  • File storage
  • Endpoints
  • Email
  • Cloud Apps
Single data security solution that covers:
  • File storage
  • Endpoints
  • Email
  • Cloud Apps
Single line of defense

Tiered defense: Defense and governance across all domains in one platform

Tiered defense:

Catch on endpoints or the cloud what's missed on the OS

Human-resources intensive:
  • Scripting oriented
  • Changes must be propagated to multiple systems
  • Discovery only, with manual remediation

Automatic detection and remediation

Automatic detection and remediation

A single pane of glass

A unified threat protection solution designed to bring you cutting-edge, holistic defense with zero drain on your IT resources.

Identify issues

Zero in on the critical issues that matter to your business and address them with one-click resolution.

Let Coro take care of the rest

Coro’s AI anticipates risk, then proactively identifies and addresses issues automatically, saving you valuable time.

Stay compliant

Get automatic identification of regulatory violations for HIPAA and GDPR. We also help with meeting compliance standards for GLBA, CCPA, SOC 2, and SOX.

Data doesn’t just mean data

Everybody talks about DLP, but data leakage is just a part of the problem. Full data protection must cover the identity of the user and devices accessing the platform, device security postures, and networks being used, both in-house and in the wild.
Reliable solutions for data loss prevention and detection are difficult to find at cost-effective prices for cloud-based environments such as GSuite. Coro gives us the peace of mind that we have solid protection for our email integration.
Rafe H. | CTO

Coro is a unified solution

Our goal was to shatter the established model for cybersecurity that’s offered to SMBs. Instead of the legacy method of buying layered security a-la-cart, all costly on their own, Coro has released an all-in-one product that protects all aspects of clients’ digital environment that is affordable and simple to operate.

Take the next step.

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