Endpoint Security Tech Specs

How does endpoint security work when you partner with Coronet for your business’ cybersecurity needs? Our SecureCloud service detects and mitigates threats in real-time. Advanced contextual security and comprehensive endpoint coverage provide the broadest protection.

Because we believe endpoint security protection should be within the grasp of every business, we offer the best value for the money as compared to our competitors.

As you can see below from our endpoint security tech specs, we go the extra mile with a three-prong approach that includes OS updates, vulnerable device protection, and anti-malware services.

Threat Detection

Endpoint security threat detection includes:

  • Malware on endpoint
  • Outdated OS
  • Connection to compromised or unauthorized network

SecureCloud detects rooted or jailbroken devices and finds vulnerabilities, such as:

  • Missing passwords
  • Lack of AV
  • Unencrypted disks
  • Devices that are not protected by firewalls

Threat Mitigation

When a threat is detected, end users are automatically signed out of a cloud service session, requiring them to sign in again. While this simple action is little more than a speedbump for a legitimate user, it has proven effective in mitigating threats posed by malicious actors who seek easy targets.

Contextual Security

SecureCloud offers flexibility to apply security policy rules to subpopulations or specific conditions:

  • Senders and receivers
  • Geo-location – IP, country, or admin-defined regions


Alerts ensure that your system is fully secure in real-time with:

  • Console and email event notifications to admins and end-users
  • Direct mitigation actions based on certain events and alerts

Insights and Investigation

Investigation reports break down device vulnerabilities by type and OS with drill-down to vulnerable device details.

User devices and groups

Inventory user devices and groups with:

  • Aggregate directory of all services’ users and groups.
  • Extensive user information regarding services, groups, devices, and applicable protection rules.
  • A list of all monitored devices with detailed information.

You can’t protect your devices unless you have each potential threat or security leak identified. All monitored devices will be listed in your system, along with all the relevant details you need to keep your security top-notch, including the owner, user, OS, version, device type, and current vulnerabilities. 


Coronet provides endpoint security protection for:

  • Windows 
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux

Contact Coronet to learn more about how endpoint security works with the SecureCloud system.