Endpoint Security and Mobile Device Management

SecureCloud’s best-in-class endpoint security provides you with the protection tools you need to:

  • Manage and monitor in real-time the technology assets and device inventory used by your organization.
  • Prevent anyone with access to one of your employees’ devices from uploading malicious data into your environment or leaking your company’s confidential data (e.g. PII, PCI, and PHI).
  • Stop insider threats by applying SecureCloud’s comprehensive security configurations to your company’s systems.
  • Ensure that employees have been assigned the correct user permissions and privileges to access your company’s software data on your company’s the network.
  • Respond quickly to security breaches by immediately restricting an attacker’s access to your company’s systems.
  • Ensure that antivirus protection is applied to all systems on your company’s network.
  • Ensure that employees are only able to use safe networks to access your organization’s email and cloud applications.

SecureCloud Endpoint Device Management Products

SecureCloud offerings for endpoint device security management include:

Inventory and Control of Hardware Assets

  • What: SecureCloud actively inventories, tracks, and connects all your users’ devices, so that only authorized devices can access your company’s email and cloud apps. (At the same time, SecureCloud detects and prevents unauthorized devices from gaining access to your company’s data).
  • Why: The likelihood of a security breach increases as more employees use their own laptops, mobile phones to access email and cloud apps. Unmanaged devices may slip under the radar of security updates.
  • How: SecureCloud makes it easy to manage and control which devices are authorized to access your company’s data. SecureCloud’s endpoint protection suite maintains an accurate and updated inventory of all technology assets that have the potential to store or process information, whether currently connected to your organization’s email and cloud apps or not. Unauthorized devices or ones that are deemed unsafe are simply denied access.

Malware Defenses

  • What: Large-scale automated responses control the installation, spread, and execution of malicious codes at multiple entry-points. Rapid updating and incident response integrations enable data gathering and corrective action in real-time before endpoint security problems escalate.   
  • Why: Many modern malware defense systems lag in their incident response when breaches occur through devices, email attachments, web pages, cloud services, user actions, and removable media. Given the patience and resilience of cyber-attackers, you’ll need to optimize your organization to operate in this dynamic environment.
  • How: SecreCloud’s centrally managed anti-malware software continuously monitors and defends each of your devices across the organization.

Wireless Access Control

  • What: Your enterprise needs the processes and tools to detect security threats outside your physical perimeter using wireless local area networks, access points, and wireless client systems.
  • Why: Remote exploitation and unauthorized wireless access can compromise an otherwise robust security network. Major data thefts have made headlines after attackers tricked users into connecting to malicious networks while outside the office, leading to credentials theft, malicious access, and malicious software installation
  • How: Our patented technology allows us to detect whether a network a user is about to connect to is safe, unsafe, or malicious. Beyond alerting the user, and encouraging them to choose a safer option, SecureCloud will ban access to corporate email and cloud apps if the network used does not meet the security standards of your organization.

Choose SecureCloud For Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices remain a significant concern for employers, as nearly every employee brings a smartphone to work. How can you respect the privacy of your workers, while simultaneously maintaining visibility on unsecured personal devices that could infect, or leak data from, your corporate email and cloud apps? SecureCloud takes your mobile device management security to the next level. From automated investigation and threat hunting capabilities to significant containment and reporting protocols, we provide you with all the tools you need to detect compromised devices the moment a security trigger occurs. Whether your business is big or small, contact Coronet for more detailed information on implementing our endpoint security solutions for the most comprehensive coverage.

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