Email Security Management

Coronet’s robust, military-grade email security management tools are built specifically for the cloud to stop threats before they reach your inbox while working seamlessly within your company’s existing email and data security environment. In seconds, our laser-focused email security tools defend against advanced attacks and suspicious email messages, with precision.

With SecureCloud’s full-stack email security management platform, you can:

  • Immediately implement and protect your company’s email right out-of-the-box.
  • Set security policies that enhance employee productivity through advanced email filtering.
  • Cut the time spent managing email security with intuitive administrative control and preconfigured rules.

Email Security Management Capabilities

Email Protections

  • What: To keep email systems safe, SecureCloud minimizes the attack surface and eliminates opportunities for attackers to gain access and manipulate human behavior.
  • Why: Emails are common points of entry and attack because of their direct interaction with users and with other systems. Content is easily crafted to entice or trick users into taking actions that significantly increase risk by inviting attacks, the introduction of malicious code, and the subsequent loss of valuable data.
  • How: SecureCloud eliminates phishing, spear phishing and malware attacks by quarantining suspected messages and preventing users from falling into these traps altogether.

Incident Response Management

  • What: SecureCloud protects your organization’s information, as well as its reputation, by supplying you with the necessary incident response infrastructure for quickly discovering an attack, effectively containing the damage, and fully restoring the integrity of the network systems.
  • Why: Even large, well-funded, and technically sophisticated enterprises struggle to keep up with the frequency and complexity of cyberattacks. Proactive incident response and management measures are critical. Once an incident occurs, it is too late to develop the right procedures, reporting, data collection, management responsibilities, legal protocols, and communications strategy to allow your enterprise ever fully to understand, manage, or recover from the attack.
  • How: SecureCloud military grade AI not only identifies a risk in real time, but automatically mitigates it removing the need for your team to “chase events”. A full log of actions taken is available for you after the fact, and you have the ability to tweak the way SecureCloud responds to incidents on your behalf.

Get the Most Secure Email on the Planet

Today’s biggest email threats are no longer contained in simple spam emails but instead, carefully disguised in purpose-built spear-phishing campaigns and targeted attacks. Yet, somehow, legacy email and cybersecurity companies that burst on the scene 20 or 30 years ago are still selling the same conventional solutions, built for “on-premises email” that is managed and sent from your own on-site server. As the number and cost of data breaches skyrockets, it’s no secret that the old-school email security providers have failed to adequately adapt to the cloud. For the most secure email, choose SecureCloud to access sophisticated solutions to your organization’s security needs. Contact Coronet to learn more.

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