Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tech Specs

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tech Specs: Protecting sensitive and critical information can be challenging for businesses facing a broad range of cyber threats on a daily basis. Coro cybersecurity is a comprehensive security solution for detecting and mitigating the threat of data loss. With contextual security, alerts, insights, and investigation, your data will be protected like never before, whether it is in or out of the cloud.

Continue reading to learn more about SecureCloud’s data security tech specs.

Threat Detection

Data leakage can happen in a number of ways:

  • Collaboration with unauthorized people
  • Using file sharing or email
  • Sensitive file types (certificates, source code, documents, custom types)
  • Sensitive file content (PII, PHI, PCI, custom content or regex expressions)

SecureCloud data loss prevention tech specs include 360-degree protection from every possible source of leakage. Further, our system promptly detects threats based on abnormal user behavior, such as:

  • Abnormal administrative activity
  • Abnormal mass file download
  • Unexpected dormant account activity

Threat Mitigation

Once the potential loss is detected, steps can then be taken to mitigate the damage, such as:

  • Signing out an end-user from a cloud service session (forcing them to sign in again)
  • Preventing unauthorized collaboration with anyone, with unauthorized users, or with external agents

End-user education using relevant alerts is part of the SecureCloud platform.

Contextual Security

Security policy rules can be applied to sub-populations, as well as to specific conditions such as:

  • Domains, user groups or specific users
  • Senders and receivers
  • Geo-location (IP, country, or admin-defined regions)


Stay on top of data loss with console and email alerts:

  • Event notifications to admins and end-users
  • Alerts to admins on problems that require immediate attention
  • Communications regarding disruptions in service/user protection

You will be alerted of suspended users, collaboration blockage, and any automated action that could impact business operations. Events and alerts will provide recommended direct mitigation actions when automation is not possible.

Insights and investigation

SecureCloud provides your enterprise with the insights and investigation you need to protect data from loss:

  • Customer account monitoring activity indicators
  • Indication of gaps in security coverage
  • Events timelines by type and severity
  • Full list of security events

Our drill-down investigation includes specific event details and comprehensive logs, so you have a full picture of how a data breach occurred, who was involved, and how to bolster your system next time.

Protect Your Data from Loss

Compared to competitors, SecureCloud offers more comprehensive PII, PCI, and PHI scans. We go above and beyond standard offerings with source code, certificates, documents, and custom content scans. We are pleased to offer wrap-around protection you can afford. Contact Coronet if you have any other questions about DLP Tech Specs.