Data Security Management

SecureCloud provides all the data security management processes and tools you need to:

  • Identify sensitive data, monitor personal information, protecting both users’ and customers’ privacy.
  • Set authentication levels for different users and devices.
  • Ensure your company’s compliance with data security regulations.
  • Reduce your workload by automating your security reporting and auditing procedures.
  • Configure your system to meet the precise needs of your business while reducing administrative costs.
  • Ensure users do not remove sensitive data either maliciously or carelessly

SecureCloud Data Security Management

SecureCloud’s data security management suite includes:

Secure Configuration for Hardware and Software on Laptops, Mobile, Workstations, and Servers

  • What: Identify and actively manage the security configuration of mobile devices, laptops, and workstations using a rigorous configuration management and change control process to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerable services and settings.
  • Why: Basic controls, old accounts and passwords, vulnerable security configurations, and preinstallation of unneeded software can all be exploitable in their default states.
  • How: With SecureCloud, you’ll deploy system configuration management tools to enforce configuration settings regularly; and implement monitoring systems that catalog approved exceptions, as well as alert you to unauthorized changes. Hundreds of thousands of options are tweaked to improve configuration security, while continuous management prevents security decay as software is updated or patched.

Malware Defenses

  • What: Control the installation, spread, and execution of malicious code at multiple points in the organization, while optimizing the use of automation to enable rapid updating of defense, data gathering, and corrective action.
  • Why: Malware defenses must be able to operate in a dynamic environment through large-scale automation, rapid updating, and integration with processes like incident response. Multiple points of attack must be prepared to stop the execution of malicious software. SecureCloud’s endpoint security suite provides administrative features to verify that all defenses are active and current on every endpoint used to access email or cloud apps. SecureCloud also monitors cloud apps to prevent malware spread through them as a distribution vector.
  • How: SecureCloud utilizes centrally managed anti-malware software to continuously monitor and defend all endpoints. Anti-malware logging is centralized for more effective analysis and alerting. Our Enterprise-level endpoint security suite provides administrative features to verify that all defenses are active and current on every device used.  

Automated Data Loss Prevention

  • What: Without even having to adjust the settings, SecureCloud’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Security tools will auto-detect anomalous events that indicate unauthorized access to your company’s data, identify when data is being improperly emailed or shared, and automatically mitigate your company’s data security risks before disaster strikes.
  • Why: Your employees’ and customers’ personally identifiable information are lucrative targets for cybercriminals. At the same time, the most common cause of data breaches is simple accidents by users you’ve trusted to access your company’s email and cloud apps.
  • How: Coronet’s military-grade artificial intelligence (AI) forms the backbone of the SecureCloud Data Security toolbox, powered by the anonymized cyber-threat and cyber-attack data that it gathers from Coronet’s network of over 3-million customers, and continually increases its vast knowledge with fresh insights on emerging risks. For SecureCloud’s subscribers, this means that the platform’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Security tools will perpetually monitor users’ behavior on every endpoint or cloud app connected to your business. In addition, it will proactively identify and protect your company’s sensitive data, including social security numbers, W2s, payment info, and medical records.
Data Security Management | SecureCloud by Coronet

Phishing and Anti-Malware Protection

  • What: SecureCloud’s Data Security tools scan your company’s internal and external emails for phishing and malware threats in the message body, attachments, and links.
  • Why: Phishing is still the top threat vector used by criminals to gain access to sensitive information. If your company uses G Suite and/or Office 365, attackers can gain access to your customers’ and employees’ information through email, file sharing, and 3rd party SaaS apps.
  • How: Once a threat is detected, SecureCloud automatically quarantines or deletes emails and shared files containing phishing and malware links and identifies 3rd party SaaS applications connected to your company’s network to quash the threat.


  • What: Maximize speed and visibility in defending your company’s sensitive information with regular auditing and reporting. SecureCloud automatically audits and controls activity going on in your company from one, easy-to-use platform that will get you the reporting information you need for external audits and compliance tests within a few clicks. 
  • Why: In order to comply with government regulations, cyber insurance mandates, and supply chain cyber requirement, organizations must be able to show an audit trail of all data movements and access to data.
  • How: SecureCloud’s intuitive dashboard lets you control abnormal and risky behavior that could compromise your company’s data. With auditing, you can automate your company’s risk mitigation and reporting processes, and free up your time to focus on the operational demands of your business.

Fly Safely With SecureCloud

The future of business lies in the cloud. Failing to adopt the cloud early on makes businesses susceptible to breaches, which can easily doom their operations. In order to succeed, companies must utilize sound systems early on to mitigate issues and aid scalable growth. Data security is essential to protect your assets from all-too-common malware and ransomware attacks. SecureCloud’s data security tools — including malware prevention and data recovery protection — follow your files everywhere, giving you complete control over your data, no matter where it goes. Contact us to learn more.

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