Cloud App Security Tech Specs

Businesses utilize a number of cloud apps to collaborate on projects and enhance productivity, but Office365, Google Docs, Dropbox, and other apps are also prime targets for malicious actors. Coronet’s SecureCloud provides a comprehensive, scalable cybersecurity solution that will bring your business up to speed without exhausting your budget.

Coronet SecureCloud not only detects threats but takes automatic steps to mitigate the risk, providing advanced contextual security and covering a number of commonly used cloud apps. Continue reading about our cloud security services.

Threat Detection

Detect threats in cloud service access by monitoring:

  • User login from suspicious or unauthorized locations
  • Abnormal login patterns, such as abnormal travel or connection time
  • Multiple failed login attempts and bot attacks
  • Unusual user behavior

Detect further threats from malware in cloud storage or in transit.  

Threat Mitigation

Go one step further with threat mitigation to:

  • Suspend end users from cloud service
  • Sign end users out from a cloud service session (requiring them to sign in again)
  • Prevent unauthorized collaboration with anyone, with unauthorized users, or with external threats

Contextual Security

Security policy rules can be applied to sub-populations, as well as to specific conditions pertaining to:

  • Cloud service.
  • Domains, user groups, or specific users

Protected Services and Devices

The SecureCloud cloud security platform protects many of the most commonly used collaborative cloud apps, including:

  • Office365 (OneDrive and SharePoint)
  • G-Suite (Google Drive)
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Salesforce
  • Slack

Big names like Lenovo use SecureCloud as part of their security platforms. We pride ourselves on data breach protection that is comprehensive, yet affordable. Coronet professionals provide monthly support based on decades of advanced security and threat mitigation experience. Contact us if you have any additional questions about cloud app security tech specs or to request a free demo.